Vertical Herb Garden

I saw this on pinterest – and totally fell in love.

so I convinced my dear hubby to cut down a pallet – I knew I couldn’t fill a whole full-sized pallet – so we just cut it down to a more manageable size.

You’re supposed to put the plants in as tightly as possible without gaps of soil.

I bought what I thought was  a ton of herb plants – parsley – basil, dill, chives, mint, thyme.

It didn’t fill it all the way up – this is my result – but it was fun to make – and I definitely love – just leaning out the door to clip fresh herbs for sauces, salad dressings & smoothies – whenever I want!


chick pea flour success!

I ordered chick pea flour on – I thought I’d make falafel.

Following the recipe on the back of the package, I got some dry nasty little balls of lead that were completely unappetizing.

I then attempted to make socca – and it was just okay – kind of dry.

I’d just about given up hope, when I decided to try a smaller, quicker version of socca- I mixed just a little bit of the flour  & water, tossed it into a frying pan with some coconut oil – let it brown on one side, flipped it, and topped it with salsa & vegan cheese & then tossed it under the broiler for just 5 minutes.

It was fantastic.

Mung bean success

whooo hoo!

I have found mung bean love!

It took a while. I still had the old bag of mung beans from last fall, and was in no rush to use them up.

I also had a colossal failure in making falafel with chick pea flour. So I’d been googling recipes on how to make my own veggie burgers – when I stumbled across this –

I made the mung beans and the quinoa – and mixed up the batter – but they were still warm – so I put it in the fridge over night – the next day it was still a bit too wet to make patties – so I stirred in some of the chick pea flour until I got a better consistency.

Then I made patties & fried them in coconut oil – soooo good.

I went back to nourishing meals to find some sauce and salad dressing recipes – all 3 were fantastic.

Below is a pic of chickpea burger with sweet potato fries and tahini dressing – sooo000 good!

The cauliflower harvest

Well, here it is. My entire cauliflower harvest for 2012. It was not enough to make a side dish – so had to add some farmer’s market peas. We got so little broccoli it was not worth taking a picture. Hubby has forbidden me from planting either again.Image

Foodie Pen pals June Reveal

This is my 2nd month of exchanging fun food gift boxes.

My package this month came from Amanda in the midwest – check out her blog at

She did  a great job – I love trail mix (and the caramel chocolates were a lovely addition), granola bars, and I’ve been drinking more and more tea.

My kids chowed down on the Special K bars, and I must admit that even as I’m typing this entry – I’m eating the microwave popcorn.

Which pretty much means that all of my lovely care package is gone! So – two thumbs up to Amanda!

This super fun idea is from the “Lean Green Bean” blog.

More info is here –

Kale, and Swiss chard & lettuce oh my! CSA week 3


The CSA basket – week 3 contained 3 heads of lettuce, two swiss chard, a bunch of kale, rhubarb and beets, plus a $15 gift certificate to the greenhouse.

I sauteed a pile of greens and topped them with chopped pecans and bacon bits.

I simmered strawberries and rhubarb with honey and mint for a yummy dessert sauce.

Finally – I boiled the beets and hard boiled eggs to pickle them – Pennsylvania style.

Finally – I took my $15 gift certificate and got bunches of herbs (since it’s late in the season, all the plants were 1/2 off – so $15 went pretty far), I got mint, sage, parsley, oregano, and basil.

I’m hoping to make a miniature version of this vertical herb garden –

Rhubarb oat muffins

We’ve had a bunch of rhubarb from the CSA the past couple weeks.

My hubby loves Rhubarb strawberry pie – however I’m trying to resist the urge to head straight to desserts with the rhubarb.

So, last week I made Lentils with rhubarb – yummy!

I also found this website of savory rhubarb recipes that I hope to try soon –

Finally- I made rhubarb oat muffins – – which are yummy, dense & not super sweet – but are a nice breakfast on the go – I used spelt flour for a little added wholesomeness.


Be sure to refrigerate the muffins – I left mine on the countertop – my hubby had one on day 4, and it had sprouted!